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I believe that the world is a wild, unpredictable, beautiful, poignant, amazing place; I am curious and amazed about every-thing and every-body. I started my photography business in 2001 and it’s hard to fathom how much I’ve learned in the past decade about serving my clients!

I trust my intuition. I believe that the secret side of photography is about how the photographer makes you feel. My work tends to attract positive, genuine, soulful people (like you!). I get a huge rush from every creative project I’m involved in with my clients, and they get the vivid, cherished images that they inspire me to create for them. My goal is to endear you with my enthusiastic, quirky personality, to give you a safe place to be photographed, one where you are ENCOURAGED to share your insecurities AND your visions for your images. I’m ready to see the possibilities, silliness, and poignancy in every moment with you…no idea of yours (or mine) is too far fetched, if it comes from the heart, I really want to hear it.



Imagine a photographer on your wedding day who always has a smile on her face; one who gives you and your friends a peek at the camera and shows you what she just took as you get ready in the bridal suite. It’s stunning, and you had no idea she’d even taken it. I have so much more to give than images. My energy is enthusiastic but thoughtful…, I flow through your entire wedding day with you… capturing your life on this one, single day from a gorgeously dynamic perspective.

I’m happy to assist in planning out the timeline of the wedding day and work closely with your coordinator or DJ to ensure that events flow as seamlessly as possible.

It’s never too early to check my availability for your wedding date; contact me for detailed pricing information and to set up a talk about what you envision for your wedding day.

Packages begin at $3000.
Portrait sessions begin at $200.

>Contact me for details.


My own senior pictures back in the day were lame., I went where everybody else went, and was disappointed when I didn’t get any thing creative. I want seniors and their families to simply check out my images and see if they LOVE them, because giving you THAT feeling is my ultimate goal…

Senior session $200

>Contact me for details.

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